M 362K Probability I (Spring 2017)

I was the TA for Probability I. Some class materials, mostly instructions for the TA project, are preserved here.

The TA project:


Project Ideas

Once you have an idea for your project, you must have me (James Murphy) approve it via email or canvas messaging. I will tell you if what you propose is enough to earn full credit. You can discuss project ideas with me over email or in office hours. Feel free to discuss project ideas with your peers or anyone else as well.

The format of your project is entirely up to you. Some example formats:

The subject of your project is also entirely up to you. Your topic can be very applied, very theoretic, or anywhere in between. A great place to find ideas is the Wikipedia page List of probability topics. The following examples are meant to give you ideas. You can use them, but don't feel like you have to use one of the listed topics. Multiple groups/people can choose the same topic if they take the material in a sufficiently different direction. If you choose a topic that is very technical I don't expect you to understand all the details. If you are really interested in a topic but find that you are not able to understand it, ask me if there is a less technical way of handling your topic (there probably is). Some very mathy example topics include:

Your project does not have to be mathy. Choose something you are interested in. Some less specific and more applied example topics include: And many many more...