James Murphy

About Me

My name is James Murphy. I am the founder of mCoding. I completed my Ph.D. in mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin under the supervision of Fran├žois Baccelli in May of 2019. My research focused on random networks and point processes. I did my B.S. in Computational Finance and M.S. in Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University, receiving both degrees in May of 2014. My Master's thesis advisor was Gautam Iyer. I am interested in math, computers and computer science, economics, and finance.

Coding Videos

As part of mCoding, I have a bunch of coding videos available to watch on my YouTube channel.

My Code

Find me on Github. Here are a few of my interesting public projects:

Old Courses

Here are some course materials preserved from when I was a graduate student TA. For some reason these three classes are still getting hits years afterwards, so I guess I'll leave them! Apparently a lot of people like hard differential equations quizzes with solutions, who knew?